Should I Cancel My Appointment If I Have A Cold?

Should I Cancel My Appointment If I Have A Cold?

In a word – Yes!

Winter is here, the temperature is dropping which means that cold and flu season is also upon us. Unfortunately, receiving a massage when you are run down with a cold or flu, or sporting a fever, can be worse for your recovery than you think.

The immune system protects us against millions of potentially harmful organisms and is constantly on the alert, attacking at the first sign of an invasion.  When healthy, massage does wonders for the immune system, increasing the movement of fluid and improving the circulation of blood, nourishing our whole body. Massage stimulates the lymphatic system, which is responsible for the destruction of harmful substances within the body.

When sick, your immune system is already working hard. If you receive a massage when coming down with something, you may become much more ill than you would have had you waited. Receiving a massage when suffering from a cold or the flu can spread the illness through the body faster than it would happen naturally, flooding the body with infection, exasperating symptoms and increasing the recovery time of the illness.

Avoiding massage during the acute stages of infection will keep symptoms contained, making it easier for the immune system to treat symptoms and will allow your body to heal faster. One of the best immune supports may truly be resting and drinking plenty of liquids. The best time to reap the immune system benefits of massage is through regular massage while you are healthy!­­

When you receive a massage while in a decreased state of immunity, you not only take the risk of feeling worse yourself, but you also risk passing your infection on to your therapist. Some people can work while under the weather but Massage Therapists cannot and should not. Your Therapist will thank you, and anxiously be waiting for your speedy recovery!

If you have an appointment booked, let us know as soon as possible if you need to cancel and we can rebook your appointment for a time when you are feeling better.

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