Cranial Sacral & Cranial Mobilisation

This therapy is designed to restore the rhythmic motions of the cranial bones in conjunction with cerebral spinal fluids pulsation, which are believed to be fundamental to the self-healing of the body.

This therapy can help in a range of conditions including: chronic pain, headaches and neuralgia. In children it is said to help those who have had birth trauma, cerebral palsy and dyslexia.

It is a very gentle therapy where the cranial sacral rhythm is assessed. Treatments such as occipital release, diaphragm and pelvic diaphragm release, thoracic inlet release may be used. Still point therapy (increases production of endorphins and encourages deep relaxation on autonomic nervous system). Lumbo sacral decompression (gentle traction on the sacrum, and mobilisation of the dural tube – cerebral spinal fluid facilitation).

The cranial bones move and can become out of position and therefore interfere with the natural rhythm of the dura mater and fluid. The cranial bones can be very gently manipulated back into position. This is a very gentle and subtle technique, which most people find extremely relaxing, but amazingly effective.

This therapy has an overall impact on the whole bodily functions and as all structures of the body are integral to overall wellbeing, it is a very useful therapy.