Hypnotherapy works by a hypnotherapist inducing a hypnotic state that we naturally enter on a near daily basis. Have you ever gotten out of a car and don’t remember driving to your destination? That is an example of a hypnotic state.

A hypnotic state is a natural relaxed state where the conscious mind is encouraged to rest and therefore allowing the unconscious mind to be more active. The hypnotherapist then can make suggestions to the unconscious mind to change any undesired behaviours. Hypnotherapy can change unconscious habits allowing your conscious mind to break or achieve new habits. 

Hypnotherapy is a tool used to help achieve your goals. Hypnotherapy is not a quick fix and it requires the will of the participant to want to change themselves. For example, I am going to quit smoking and hypnotherapy will aid me to achieve this. 

Hypnotherapy is a hugely growing field and is being recognized more and more for the amazing results it can produce. It is now even possible for some GPs in certain areas to refer their patients to a registered hypnotherapist.  

Pain Management

Pain can have a large effect on a person’s life. Chronic pain can be hard to get away from and cause many much more issues that just the pain itself. 

However, with hypnotherapy we can help you to control the pain. Hypnotherapy can be used to target all complications of pain such as treating low mood, anxiety and insomnia as well as other side effects. 

We teach our clients self-hypnosis so that they can control and manage their pain long into their future.

Cancer Care

Cancer is most often the most stressful time that we experience. Even the name often bring stress and fear. However more people than ever are having successful treatment and hypnosis can help. 

We have specialist training to help with the cancer journey. Hypnotherapy cannot cure the condition, however it can help manage pain deal with side effects of treatment and help with the stress and ambiguity that comes from having cancer.

Sports Performance

Do you want to perform better in your sport. Feel more confident in your abilities. Or have you experienced a stressful sport event and struggling to get back to where you where. 
Hypnotherapy can boost your performance and make a difference to your success. 

Hypnotic Gastric Band

Want to lose weight? 
A hypnotic gastric band could be the answer. Have a virtual band fitted to help reduce portion sizes and aid weight loss. Without the complications of surgery. We can also work alongside our dietician to offer expert advice afterwards.

Weight Loss

Weight loss is a common treatment helped by hypnotherapy. This is because with hypnotherapy it can help you to not only lose weight but make healthy food choices and increase your motivation to succeed along with helping you to want to exercise more. We can also work alongside our dietician to offer expert advice afterwards.

Habit Breaking/ Stop Smoking

Do you have a habit that you would like to break?

Do you bite your nails? Or snack late at night?
Whatever the habit hypnotherapy can help you to overcome it. 

Do you want to stop smoking?
Hypnotherapy can help you to achieve this goal. Whether it is to stop smoking or even to cut out vaping. 

Everyone knows that stopping smoking can be hard. Hypnotherapy has one of the highest success rates of any treatment for helping people to quit.

Confidence/ Anxiety

Confidence comes in all different ways and forms. If you feel like your confidence is holding you back or stopping you doing something you want, hypnotherapy can provide that boost in confidence that you need. 

Anxiety can appear in many forms. It can range to from short term anxiety such as exam nerves to more long term such as anxiety disorders and panic attacks. 
Hypnotherapy can help deal with the causes and feelings of anxiety and can be used so that you can gain control over the condition in whatever form it appears as. 


Struggle to sleep?

You are not alone it is reported that nearly 5 million people in the UK suffer from insomnia. 

Hypnotherapy in its very nature is a relaxed state and can offer great results for helping to treat insomnia whether it’s a part of another condition or a standalone issue.