Pre & Post Natal

Pre & Post Natal Therapy

During pregnancy we can develop musculoskeletal issues such as low back pain and pelvic girdle pain. We are trained to help you, throughout your pregnancy, deal with these issues using not only massage but mobilisations, taping and exercises. Some of these issues can continue after your baby is born, we are still here to help you.

Pregnancy Hydrotherm Massage

A hydrotherm massage is great during pregnancy if you can no longer lie on your front. The placement of the warm-water pads is designed to give your back perfect spinal alignment; your knees are slightly raised and your hands rest below the pads to encourage your body to relax. Thanks to the heat from the pads, a hydrotherm massage can be beneficial if you suffer from neck pain, lower-back aches or stiff muscles. The heat helps warm your muscles up, which makes the therapist’s movements more effective.