Sports Events

Sports massage at events is extremely popular with athletes and competitors at all levels of sport. We work closely with event organisers to ascertain their requirements, establishing areas of most need, evaluating c14344808_688139858011671_7718196857450760972_nourses and routes and determining required staffing levels and skills. We are always mindful of budgets and fully appreciate the existence of tight deadlines in the event planning stage.

Come the event, our therapy teams arrive fully briefed, with a co-ordinator if required and ready to get “hands on” whatever the challenge!

All rates are based individually dependent on hours worked and number of therapists required. Contact us for more information.

Pre-Event Massage

We always tailor our treatments to suit the athlete and help them prepare for success. Benefits of pre-event massage:

  • circulation is increased, warming muscles and bringing oxygenated blood to fuel activity
  • warm muscles allow joints to achieve greater range of movement
  • muscles and tissues are prepared and ready for action
  • mental preparations are achieved with greater focus – the psychological boost

21557667_893866100772378_8910473900052518736_nPost-Event Massage

A common mistake for many athletes is the failure to cool down adequately following participation in sport. Perhaps through the excitement of a good result, or just sheer exhaustion. Cooling down is however an important aspect of training and when incorporated into the whole programme it can speed up recovery. Post-event massage benefits the athlete by:

  • calming the nervous system and easing tension in the muscles
  • flushing out and removing toxins and metabolic waste which build up during activity
  • spreading muscle fibers and lengthening tight muscles
  • restoring blood flow to promote faster healing
  • reducing the risk of delayed onset muscle soreness
  • relaxing the athlete and giving them time to mentally recover from competition mode

During the p14238226_688139814678342_8882330692566301293_nost-event massage the therapist can monitor the athlete for any medical concerns such as cramping (which we can treat effectively unless extremely severe), dehydration or heat exhaustion. It is an opportunity to advise the athlete on these issues and other recovery strategies.

An effective post-event massage helps the athlete to feel better immediately following a competition. Along with the great psychological boost, it allows the athlete to recover more quickly and effectively.