Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is the most commonly performed massage in the UK and is the basis for all therapeutic massages in the West, so you may already be familiar with many of the techniques used. In general, a Swedish massage is typically characterised by the massage therapist using long, fluid stokes to work on muscle layers that are closer to the skin, unlike a deep tissue massage which focuses on deeper muscle layers.

The massage focuses on improving blood flow around the body while relaxing muscles. This boosts overall circulation and eases tight and painful muscles, helping you feel more agile and relaxed.

In order to loosen muscles, the massage therapist will use a combination of sliding, circling, kneading and rubbing hand movements across your back, arms, legs, shoulders and abdomen.

As well as being a fantastic stress reliever, a Swedish massage is ideal way for easing joint stiffness, muscle tension, back pain and even reducing headaches.

On a mental level, massage not only relieves stress and anxiety, it also helps you to become more conscious of your body as a whole.