Seeing a Dietitian is not just about losing weight. They can provide you with food and nutrition information and give you support to improve health. We don’t look at the latest fad diet but scientific evidence to help you. And if you are wanting to lose weight – don’t think of it as a diet but a positive change in lifestyle.

Our Dietitian has over 20 years experience within the NHS and private health sector.

At your first appointment a full history is taken of your medical conditions and medications (if any). From there, we can advise on dietary requirements and discuss how to achieve your targets.

Some of the conditions our Dietitian can help you with are:

  • Home Enteral Tube Feeding
  • Weight Management
  • Mental Health
  • Dementia care
  • Neurological conditions including MND, MS,HC, Stroke (CVA)
  • Cancer
  • Type 1 & Type 2 Diabetes
  • Weight gain

Registered Dietitians are the only qualified health professionals able to assess, diagnose and treat dietary and nutritional problems. They work with both healthy and unwell people.

Weight Loss Programs

We regularly run weight loss classes in the clinic and are usually 6 week blocks. We keep the classes small so you get more out of them.

Each week you receive weekly weight checks, weight reduction tips, advice from portion guides to meal planning, recipes, realistic weight loss targets and goals tailored to your individual needs.

You learn a variety of healthy eating tips ranging from foods affecting cholesterol, blood pressure, weight gain, increased risk of heart disease and diabetes. We will offer you advice on behavioural change techniques and advice to help change behaviours and decision making around food choices for the better to achieve long term healthy lifestyle goals and changes.

If you are interested in joining one of our Weight Loss classes, keep an eye on our Facebook page for events running.

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