Headaches -A pain in the neck!

Neck pain and headaches are extremely common conditions suffered by a significant proportion of the population. A common cause of headaches is referred pain from the joints and muscles of the upper neck.
Neck pain falls into 2 broad categories: postural-related neck pain, and neck pain resulting from trauma.

Postural Neck Pain
When we slump forward the neck joints are placed in a poor position to support the weight of the head. The long-term consequence of this is often neck pain and headaches.

Many workers, students and retirees spend large periods of time sitting, and after a short time will move into a slumped position. This occurs:
At the computer or laptop
At the desk or table writing, sewing and reading
In bed reading

During a whiplash injury, the head is quickly flicked forward and then quickly back, or vice versa.

Large, shear forces are applied through the neck and upper back resulting in:
Joint sprains, ligament strains and micro-tears in the muscles
Headaches and nausea are common.
Other disturbances such as altered hot/cold sensation, balance and hypersensitivity can occur.

Recovery time is usually longer compared with pain of non-traumatic origin.

How can Remedial Massage help?
Fortunately for most Headaches sufferers, a visit to your massage therapist can provide some relief immediately, and often solve the issues within 2-3 treatment sessions.

Some patients will take longer to recover as a number of factors may be contributing to your symptoms.

Your therapist should discuss with your what to expect with treatment.
If you you’re experiencing headaches, contact us on 01779 477739 to book your appointment
that way, we can get you moving better and feeling great ASAP!

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